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About Our Youth and Economic Empowerment Program

PIRWA strategic focuses is to promote the holistic development of young individuals, while fostering their understanding and respect for human rights using youth center approach as a channel for reaching youths and also foster community awareness. The key objective is to use various dimensions like sports and community engagement as a means to empower youth, enabling them to assert their rights, become active citizens, and contribute to positive social change.

By creating safe and inclusive spaces for youth to participate in community activities, enhancing their productivity, physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Additionally, to raise awareness and understanding of human rights principles, encouraging youth to promote and defend these rights within their communities. Overall, PIRWA will put efforts with different authorities, stakeholders, and donors to empower youth to become agents of change, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to advocate for human rights and build inclusive and equitable societies.

The majority of rural households in Northern Uganda survive on subsistence farming as a major source of livelihood and income. At PIRWA, we empower households with techniques through training them on long-term food storage and value addition among other skills, which foster self-employment, agriculture, business, and foster individuals and families to sustain themselves economically.